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Design Your Stay

Explore Rome with Bettoja Hotels

Explore some of Rome’s lesser known places and monuments, discover new senses and flavors, and share every moment with the people you love the most.

Enhance your stay and discover experience a unique view of Rome with these inspiring experiences

Breathe The Art

Everyone knows that Rome is the best place to get in touch with centuries of cultural history.

The Bettoja Family is pleased to share the authentic art pieces of renowned Italian artists proudly displayed in the premises. 

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Walk Through

Rome is an open-air museum. Every corner is reminiscent of past centuries.

Take the time to walk, stop, admire and imagine.

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Theatre Lovers

Rome has been a world capital for theater for ages and still today is home to several famous opera houses and theaters. Whether you prefer opera, ballet, dramas, or comedies, you will find a bustling theater scene to explore during your stay in Rome. 

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Shopping Addiction

If you are looking for unique Italian clothing, trendy boutiques and unconventional souvenirs shop, the Monti area is a must-visit for every fashion lover. 

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Food & Wine

Italy is famous for food and wine all around the world, and definetly Rome is the best place to delight your senses with local wine and traditional food. 

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