Who we are

The Bettoja family of hoteliers has influenced the history of Italian hospitality for nearly 150 years.
The adventure began with the acquisition of the Restaurant Massimo D’Azeglio, so called in honour of the great statesman and writer; later, with the development in the area of the Termini Station, the Bettoja family decided to buy the rest of the building and transform it into a hotel – the Hotel Massimo D’Azeglio.

The second addition was the Hotel Mediterraneo, which was followed by the Hotel Atlantico.

The group today has over 495 rooms in 3 hotels, which are regularly updated while still maintaining their traditional atmosphere and style.

The three hotels are in Central Rome, near Termini Railway Station, the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Forum, Colosseum and the Roman National Museum. During the past years, the railway station, and the entire surrounding area has undergone a phase of great development with significant improvements. Many major places of historical interest can be found in the immediate vicinity.

The Bettoja tradition of excellent service and cuisine has been passed down through five generations; even among their personnel, you will easily find employees whose father and grandfather worked at the same hotel!

The President of the Group is Angelo Bettoja, an experienced host with decades of hospitality experience. Angelo’s American wife Jo is an expert in Italian cooking and author of several acclaimed cook books.

All of the Bettojas bring their experience from different fields such as business, architecture, communication and art history into the hospitality business.