Dream Now, Travel Later

Dream Now, Travel Later

Buy today a voucher worth € 200 and benefit of € 300 to use for your stays in our hotels whenever you want!

VALIDITY: from 1/11/2020 to 28/02/2021 - it is not valid during public holidays (24/12/20 - 25/12/20 - 31/12/20 - 1/01/21)

Instructions for Use

  • To use the voucher, it is necessary to send it directly to the e-mail address booking@bettojahotels.it or to call us at +39 0646205682
  • The voucher is applicable exclusively to standard rates without special offers already applied.
  • Stays purchased with vouchers are subject to the availability of the accommodation.
  • As far as the voucher will be used, a confirmation will be sent to the email given during the purchase, to avoid fraud of any kind.
  • If you don’t use the whole amount of the voucher, we will give you a new Voucher of the remaining amount.

The purchased voucher will have the validity indicated directly in the description and will be reported in the confirmation email. The buyer or the holder of the voucher can take advantage of the value or the package directly by contacting the structure to define the dates of the stay based on the availability of the structure itself.

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