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Bettoja family run hotels

5 generations and 140 years of Italian hospitality

The Bettoja family has played a key role in the history of Italian hospitality over the last 140 years.

The adventure began in 1875. Maurizio Bettoja, a wine merchant from Piedmont, bought The Massimo D’Azeglio Restaurant that originally was a typical roman tavern opened for the Jubilee of 1600. The tavern was revamped and renamed in honor of the great Statesman and artists Massimo D’Azeglio.

Later, with the development in the area of the Termini Station, the Bettoja family decided to buy the rest of the building and convert it into the Hotel Massimo D’Azeglio.

Mr. Bettoja had a simple vision: to offer exceptional food and excellent service at affordable prices. 

This tradition of hospitality has continued for five generations. Today, Bettoja offers a collection of three historic family run hotels in Rome with 493 sophisticated rooms, an array of incredible dining locations, a brand new Convention Hub as well as an unbeatable view of the Eternal City.

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